Monday, June 25, 2018

Update on Alumni Association efforts

When Sigma Tau Gamma had its charter revoked in 2013, many of you may recall that we were told by the University that we would become eligible for reinstatement in the Spring of 2018. Now that we are well past that date you may be wondering about our status, eligibility and standing with the University.
Representatives from STG National, as well as our Beta Lambda Alumni Board, have established a solid working relationship with Carrie Whittier, Asst. Dean of Students and Greek Life. She works very closely with the Valparaiso University Greek Expansion Committee and the Interfraternity Council, the two bodies of Greek representatives who determine whether or not an offer is extended to a Greek organization that has completed the application process. These groups met in April to review applications and vote on this matter.
It has been the practice at Valpo to give newly formed chapters two years to get established before entertaining any further expansion. Pikes are in their second year so that is why no expansion was considered for the 2018-19 school year. This last spring, the Expansion Committee met and reviewed applications submitted by STG and Theta Chi for 2019-20. They had received three additional letters of interest but past practice has been to give priority to groups previously established on campus so the others were not considered.
In a recent conversation with Carrie, she stated that our application was very solid and the committee found no weaknesses or omissions. The strengths they pointed out in our proposal were as follows:
1. The academic programming looks impressive.
2. The inclusion of parents in awareness programs was unique and appreciated.
3. The selection of an Alumni Advisor to guide and direct new Brothers.
4. The relocation of the STG National HQ to Indy. Proximity should help with local chapter support.
After review and deliberation, the recommendation of the Expansion Committee was to bring Theta Chi back but this was ultimately voted down by the Interfraternity Council (failed 4-5).
Carrie went on to state that the committee’s decision was by no means a ‘NO’ to STG and she further stated that she continues to be impressed with the steps we have taken locally and she appreciates the strong relationship we have with the University. She is aware that we will be renting out our house again next year and she fully supports this. She wrapped up our conversation by saying that it looks promising for STG and if things continue as they have, our return to Valpo is not a matter of ‘if’ its a matter of ‘when’.
So, the best case scenario for us would be the Fall of 2021. I know this news may be frustrating for some, but all things considered, this is very encouraging and the future looks bright for us. Our National organization is firmly behind us and we are becoming stronger financially thanks to the efforts of our Omicron Delta Board.
Now all we need is YOU!
By growing the number of involved Alumni we will demonstrate to National and to the University that we can support an undergraduate chapter by having the leadership, financial wherewithal and alumni mentors available to ensure their success. The shortcomings of our recent past will need to become our strength of the future so I urge you to do what you can to keep us moving along this path. We have made great strides these last five years but we want YOU to be a part of our success. By paying your annual dues, running for a Board position this September, or simply joining us at Homecoming and participating in our Annual Meeting, you will become part of the success story that brings the Sig Tau life back to 801 Union Street!
We want your input and we look forward to hearing from you!
Anton (Tony) Bommersbach (‘86)
President, Beta Lambda Alumni Board
Sigma Tau Gamma