About the Chapter

The Beta Lambda Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana began in the fall of 1955 as local fraternity Omicron Delta.  In 1960, Beta Lambda officially became a chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma. In the fall of 1966 the brotherhood had some difficulties on campus and returned to colony status with Nationals while it dealt with those difficulties.  In December of 1970, the Beta Lambda Chapter successfully returned as a fully chartered member of Sigma Tau Gamma.  In the spring of 2013, difficulties returned to the chapter that ended with the revocation of its charter with Nationals.   Today a group of alumni are working hard with both the University and Fraternity Nationals to bring about a return of the chapter.

Fun Facts

  • Omicron Delta becomes Sigma Tau Gamma – Beta Lambda on February 28th, 1960
  • O.P. Kretzmann, who oversaw the founding of Omicron Delta and the Chartering of Beta Lambda was President of VU for 28 years, 1940-1968.
  • Brother John Margui painted the crest in the chapter room in 28 hours.
Chapter History

In the fall of 1955, thirteen like minded individuals gathered at Elliott House to create an independent local fraternity named Omicron Delta on the campus of Valparaiso University.  
705 Freeman St. 
Lead by Chief Consul Donald Holtman and supported by Professor Paul Miller, Faculty Advisor, they developed the foundation of the brotherhood.  
Armed with the motto of “With God & Knowledge We Shall Succeed”, they worked at growing this brotherhood.  They adopted the colors of black and white and a crest of swords and armor.  In January of 1956 they established themselves at their first home at 705 Freeman Street.    

In February of 1960, they allied their brotherhood with Sigma Tau Gamma, a national fraternity and became its Beta Lambda chapter.

361 S. Garfield St.
In the fall 1962 the chapter moved to a new house at 361 S. Garfield Street. However, byhe fall of 1966, the brotherhood found itself with difficulties caused by some pour choices by the actives and subsequent challenges with university policy. These challenges put pressure on the brotherhood and led to the brothers petitioned Sigma Tau Gamma Nationals to rescind the charter and requested that they grant permission to carry on as a colony at. 

During the subsequent few years, these brothers worked to restore the integrity of the brotherhood and the relationship with the university.  In the fall of 1968, 40 interested and motivated brothers, petitioned for reinstatement of the chapter’s charter.   In December of 1968, President Jim Zink inked anew Charter with Nationals.  Beta Lambda had fully returned to the campout of Valparaiso, IN.

Brothers from 1968 rechartering
The chapter flourished during the 1970 but on June 27th, 1978 tragedy struck with a fire that destroyed our Garfield house, home of the chapter for over 16 years.  Thankfully no one was injured but the house was lost.  But with adversity, victory can come and those brothers set out to build the house that we call home today.  Relocated to face Union Street the house now stands proud at 801 Union Street.

During the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s the chapter experienced success and adversity but continued to stand strong and an important brotherhood for the college men of Valparaiso University.  

801 Union St.

However in a pattern similar to 1966, the brotherhood made poor choices which put the chapter in bad light with the University.  Nationals were left with no choice but to revoke the fraternity’s charter after so many great years.

Today the active chapter is in hiatus until such a day that the University population is ready for the return of Sigma Tau Gamma to campus.  We are hopeful for a return in the next couple of years but ultimately, the University and the IFC expansion committee are in the driver’s seat.  The alumni are active in many ways to better prepare for the return.  The physical structure of the building is being improved and upgraded to meet the needs of today’s college men.  Communications with alumni are being improved.  Social event to gather alumni together in the spirit of brotherhood are scheduled at various time of the year.  A community service outreach program is being developed.  Finally an active recruitment campaign is being implemented to gather more alumni support.  The future is bright for the Beta Lambda chapter and for future brothers that we will welcome in.

Here's the history as typed up by a pledge in 1986: