Saturday, December 29, 2018

Beta Lambda Alumni Association Meeting Minutes (9/29/2018)

Beta Lambda Alumni Association Meeting Minutes 
9/29/2018. 4:30pm

Attendees: Anton Bommersbach, Kurt Ulbricht, Dave Besterman, Dale Koetke, Jim Zink, John Seelander, Tom Witt, Steve Jenkins

Anton called the meeting to order and it was agreed by consensus to waive the formal meeting protocol (Robert’s Rules).

  • Treasurer, John Seelander, reviewed the financial statements for 2017 and 2018. The current balance in the Beta Lambda Alumni bank account is $4550.96.
  • While we all see the need to increase our savings to fund future initiatives, members that were present discussed the issue of annual dues and agreed to come back to this later in the meeting.
  • A motion was made by Seelander to register our Alumni chapter with STG National again in 2018-19 and pay our alumni association dues ($400). Zink seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.
  • The 2018 Alumni Service Award was given to Jim Zink in recognition of the enormous effort he has put into fixing up the house. His name will be added to the plaque and hung in the chapter room.
  • The composition of the alumni board was discussed, and it was agreed that the same board members would stay on (Bommersbach as President, Koetke as VP & Secretary and Seelander as Treasurer).
  • At the request of the OD Board, Bommersbach will draft a message to our alumni group asking for someone to take on the position of Treasurer for Omicron Delta for 2019.  Besterman will put together a list of current duties, time commitment and other obligations for the position.
  • Bommersbach introduced the topic of giving support to the local community. One action that we might take in order to improve our relationship with the university is to start working with a local charity.  Many of the larger, more well known charitable organizations are already claimed by a VU fraternity or sorority but everyone agreed that we should look to identify a group to affiliate ourselves with in the next few months.  This would include an annual financial commitment as well as the donation of our time. 
  • Website: no change. The site Dale has been working on is at
  • Dues: after some discussion, a motion was made by Bommersbach to keep annual alumni dues at $50 rather than raise them to $100, the amount suggested by National.  Koetke seconded, and it was approved unanimously. Seelander will email members who have previously paid dues encouraging them to renew. We should be clear in this communication how these funds will be utilized.
  • Those present agreed that we should plan 1-2 alumni events this spring, possibly another VU basketball game on campus. Seelander agreed to coordinate. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:15.

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